Exclusive Access Services

For the super elite traveller Gilded Globe also offer Exclusive Access, a service that very few people in the world are even aware of. Receive a private jet experience with your own terminal and security processes whilst still travelling on a commercial aircraft.

Bypass the commercial terminal and relax in a private lounge before being driven directly to the aircraft. With media & general public discretion guaranteed, this is the only way to ensure complete privacy post and pre-flight.

Exclusive Access Arrival

You will be met directly from the aircraft and provided with a private car tarmac transfer, whisked to a private lounge where you can enjoy some refreshments whilst your bags are brought directly to you in the lounge.

Following your personal immigration procedures, you will be escorted out to your awaiting driver, outside of the private terminal. The ultimate arrival.

Exclusive Access Departure

You will be taken directly to your lounge inside a private terminal. Your bags will be taken and you will go through your own personal check-in and security processes.

Unwind with food/refreshments in the privacy of your lounge while you await boarding time. When ready, you are driven across the tarmac to directly board the aircraft.

Exclusive Access Transit

A combination of the Exclusive Access Arrival and Departure processes, this is the ultimate way to ease through a flight connection.

Exclusive Access offered worldwide at select airports only, please see our locations map for details.