Why do people use Meet & Assist services?

Meet & Assist services are used by a variety of people across the world for many reasons;

  • High profile individuals who want speed, discretion and privacy
  • High Net Worth individuals or families who want safety, security & luxury
  • Business professionals who travel frequently and want speed & ease so that they can maximise their time in the airport
  • Families or individuals who just want that feeling of ease and luxury through the usually stressful airport processes
  • Nervous passengers who want a helping hand
  • Elderly or young passengers
  • Passengers where language barriers are a concern
  • Families with small children who need the additional assistance to ease the process
  • Passengers travelling for a special occasion and want to make every step of their journey special
  • Companies sending staff to less desirable locations and have a duty of care
  • Group travel coordination

Do you offer services in the USA?

Yes, however the USA does not grant the same ease of access that we have in the rest of the world, so our USA airports we offer are limited but growing. Many companies will promise you services in every USA airport, however most of these are unapproved and unregulated services.

How much do the services cost?

The service costs vary; Premium Meet & Assist services can range from £100 – £300 on average for 2 passengers and Exclusive Access services can range from £500 – £2,000 on average. Please go through to the booking tab for a specific quote for the airport & service you are interested in.

What is the difference between Premium Meet & Assist and Exclusive Access services?

Premium Meet & Assist services provide you with an airport greeter to whisk you through the airport terminals from kerbside to plane-side and vice versa.

With Exclusive Access services you bypass the commercial terminal completely, you are taken to a private lounge/terminal where all security processes are undertaken in-house, you are driven across the runway to/from the commercial aircraft. Much like a private jet experience but when flying commercially.

What if the destination I want is not listed on the ‘Locations’ page?

Please contact us via email and we will advise on whether or not we can accommodate your request.


Can I book on behalf of someone else?

Yes of course, just enter the correct passenger details when making the booking and be sure to advise the passenger of their booked service, so that they know to look out for their greeter.

How close to flight time can I book?

We advise on providing us with as much notice as possible to guarantee availability, however we do receive and service a number of last minute requests (within 48 hours of service) but availability is not guaranteed. Bookings made within 24 hours of flight time can be subject to a last minute booking fee, which you will be advised of at time of request.

How do I pay?

We will email your invoice once the service is confirmed, you will have the option to click on a payment link to pay by card online or be given instructions for a bank transfer.

Why do I have to provide a mobile number?

We require a valid mobile number for the lead passenger and/or driver to enable communication between the greeter and passengers should they need to locate each other.

What if I require a wheelchair?

Due to airport and airline regulations, we are unable to book these services on your behalf. If you require a wheelchair or any other special assistance outside of our services, then please book these directly with your airline and be sure to inform us in the notes section when making a booking with us so that our greeters are prepared and can coordinate with the PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) team. Please note that when passengers require PRM assistance, this can sometimes slightly impact the standard processes for our services, in terms of access routes.

Can I book an electric buggy service?

Yes, depending on the destination, the availability of electric buggy services varies from airport to airport. If this service is available at your chosen airport, then the option to add this to your booking will be available. Please note that buggy services are not guaranteed, you will be advised at time of confirmation.

What if I need to make a group booking?

Please contact us via email for a bespoke quotation, if your party size is larger than allowed on the online booking form.

Can children be included in my booking?

Yes. Please advise on the age of the children when booking as we can allow children under 2yrs as free of charge, depending on the airport.

Will I receive an email confirmation of my booking?

Yes. Firstly, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of request; this will be followed by an email confirmation as soon as we secure the service.

What happens if I forget or lose my booking number?

Please contact us and we will assist you in locating it.

Booking amendments:

Amendments can be made by contacting us via email. We will endeavour to accommodate any amendment requests, however, these can cause service issues/cancellations depending on the nature and time of the amendment which can lead to charges, so we advise you to make sure all details are correct when making the booking.

Generally, amendments outside of 24 hours of the flight time are not chargeable, but this can differ depending on the airport. Minor amendments that do not affect the service are usually not chargeable.

Please contact us with specific questions.

Cancellation policy:

Cancelled within 48-24hours of scheduled flight time will incur an additional charge of 25% of the total service cost.

Within 24hours of scheduled flight time – No Refund / full charges apply.

Note: charges stated are airport dependent and are the general penalties, there are a small number of airports that have slightly higher charging rates, these will be communicated at the time of booking, if applicable.

What if I am having problems making a booking?

If you are having any problems using our online booking form, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Do I need to bring anything with me to the airport regarding my Gilded Globe service?


How will I recognise my airport greeter?

Your greeter will be carrying a name board with your name or company name on it. We also make sure that you have each other’s telephone numbers where possible, so contact can be made directly, if necessary. Please note that some local greeters do not have the ability to make international calls.

Where will my airport greeter meet me?

On departure services, your greeter will call you or your driver to arrange a designated meeting point outside the terminal.

On arrival services, your greeter will be waiting by the aircraft door or at the top of the jet bridge with meet signage. Please ensure you make yourself known to your greeter.

Can my airport greeter assist with luggage?

Unfortunately, in most airports, our greeters are not insured to carry luggage. Therefore, we always recommend booking a baggage porter at the time of booking.

Should I tip?

No, we are a premium service, so we advise our agents not to accept tips. The service levels you receive are all part of the service fee you have paid.

How long does my service last?

Greeters are usually assigned to a service for a maximum of 2-3 hours unless otherwise stated. If your service goes over the designated time then you may be charged an additional hourly fee.

What if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is significantly delayed then your greeter can potentially provide you with an airport lounge or hotel options, depending on the length of delay, they will coordinate this with our office. Your Gilded Globe service is for a maximum of 2-3 hours as standard, if your greeter is required for additional time this can be charged at an hourly rate, all additional products/services booked on top of this will also be chargeable.

What if I am running late?

For departures, please ensure that your greeter is contacted in advance of meeting time to advise them, using the number we have provided on booking. Please note that we do not accept responsibility for the consequences of missed flights.

If you have booked an arrival or transit service, then your greeter will have the details of the incoming flight. They will know of any change in the arrival time and will adapt accordingly. Please note, however, that in cases of substantial delays, your greeter may no longer be available at the new time, we will advise you if this is the case.

Will I be taken through the Fast Track channels?

Fast Track services are used where and when appropriate and possible. You will be escorted through security processes as quickly and efficiently as possible, your greeter will assess the situation prior to your arrival at the airport to determine the quickest route available.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Please contact us directly at reservations@gildedglobe.com and we will be happy to help.